at this point I think distinguishing what is real "aiki jitsu is significant (just like knowing what is "real" japanese karate vs. okinawan vs american karate systems, etc.

Right, but all these systems are karate, right? Like it or not 'aikijujutsu', 'aikijitsu', etc. has taken on a diffirent defintion apart of Daito Ryu or Yanagi Ryu.

What I'm trying to get across is that there is nothing inherently wrong with calling what you do 'aikijitsu' or 'aikijujutsu', even though it has no direct linkage to DR. In the end, the public will decide if this is an accurate name or not.

The issue I have is when people claim a direct link to DR or hint at one, when in fact there isn't one whatsoever, or when their exposure totals one 2 day seminar.

So when I said your teacher seems to be on the level, I meant that, from what you have said, he doesn't seem to be attempting to establish a link between his art and Daito Ryu, nor is he calling what he does 'Daito Ryu'.

Basically, 'Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu' is diffirent from aikijitsu, or Obabta's Aikibujutsu, etc.

Although we could get into whether or not it's correct for these other systems to call themselves 'aikijujutsu' that's probably a new thread altogether.

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