We train live taped bladed sometimes to get a feel of why not to try to catch the blade. But live blade moving very slowly if ever, live blades bring blood.

My favorite live blade drill is the big mouth that says he has one in his pocket and it never makes it out. So its a live dead blade, it never gets to move.

Kali/Silat seminar I didn't have a blade and brought the taped real knife out they laught at me, saying No you can't practice with that and gave me a wooden one.

People that know what a knife can do don't want U practicing with a 2 men live blade training.

Now one person free movement drills with a live blade once you know something. Kinda like shadow boxing. Hell you can cut yourself with a very sharp live blade moving fast all by yourself.

Looking embarassed I've done it several times, but don't tell anybody. It don't hurt when it happens, until that night and from then on, healing pains.

I think question should be, Is it SMART to train live blade?

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