You guys who have not done any formal groundfighting training seem to believe that if it's not rolling then it ain't ground technique. Karate groundfighting almost never entails fighting from the guard. Mounted positions where an easy transition to quickly standing is a must. I mean I have numerous examples on video, some of which I posted, that are relevant to the street.

If you watch Raul Perez's video you will see how experience helps one to have more flexibility in options. He is atypical, but not unique in his varied application of Okinawan kata and waza.

Groundfighting as seen in submission grappling is not necessarily conducive to street use. Yet there are ground submissions and positions throughout the kata

Here's some more stuff you guys probably learned in your system too. If you regularly train in a similar manner that's all you need for the street:

How many of you have trained in Judo Newaza or GJJ/BJJ for any significant amount of time? I know for sure most of you never trained under the Kodokan Judo syllabus, because only one person posted regarding the striking (atemi waza) in Judo. if you did you would have used the term "Goshin Jutsu".

Here's some dome munchies, to help those who don't know with the quandry of wrasslin' in karate. Specifically Tegumi and Okinawan Sumo and the contribution these endeavors made to toudi. Peep it:

There are sprawls, lapel/collar chpkesokes, scissor takedowns to a mount or even guard, rear naked chokes, neck cranks and anything that would work expeditiously and with efficacy. Good luck on your voyage.
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