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The impression I get, and I could be wrong, is less that grappling was a prerequisite of karate training, but rather wrestling was just something everyone did, .


All in all things donít add up.


Pure speculation at this moment in time.
Further thoughts of the moving of karate to be seen as in the main, a striking art.

Seems to be beggining to add up. It wasnt just Funokoshi, There seems to be other heads of karate styles involved. I think that in order to get karate in to the The Dai Nippon Butoku-kai in Japan, which was politically very strong and I am guessing they infleunced education in Okinawa and Japan, they changed it.

They had to adjust karate and not step into competition with the grappling in judo?. Again I am speculating, and keep clear of any Chinese influence.Plus anything else the
The Dai Nippon Butoku-kai in Japan wanted.

So the possablity of the demise of original okinawan grappling and the adjustment of kata. Perhaps certain Okinawans who werent bothered about the The Dai Nippon Butoku-kai in Japan, kept the original arts going?

The culmination of this was different arts with a Japanese name.

Skipping through history we come to
Enoeda v Kanazawa kumite.On Tv in Japan? Bare knuckle.
Both learned karate and judo at University.

One attempted throw and two successfull throws and a side mount. At this point they stopped? The sport side of Japanese judo stemmed from Japanese jujitsu combined with sport karate derived from Okinawan arts.
Given that techniques are common in a lot of arts then I ponder what would they have used if they only had pure training in Okinawan chinese hand?

So reverse Okinawan chinese hand to what it was and what is there?

That is the task I suppose