Well, one point is that the okinawans were always ones to use different aspects of arts to develop and tap the potential of okinawan karate. I don't consider doing push ups cross training because strength training goes hand in hand with karate development. I don't consider grappling training cross training for the same reasons. When I did it at 14 no one said hey, hows the cross training going. Now people may refer to what I do as cross training. Should other people's views on what I do affect the way I veiw my own training? Is the fact that I don't label myself with the labels others put on themselves and others the problem? Is it not enough to simply state what I do and why I do it? I simply try to pattern my training after the okinawans of old because I believe that that will make me the best I can be. Since I don't have the cultural background to be exactly like them, I gotta be me, which is definitely not okinawan. I am not built like them either nor do I have the same mindset. Taking these things into considerations and my own personal background I develop a training regimine that makes sense for me. I guess that is what I am saying Zach. I don't know if that answers your question.
Dulaney Dojo