Yeah, that's kind of weird Zach, who said that? Why would someone other than a mugger attacker want to pass someone's guard on the street? Let's not confuse self/life preservation strategy with sport. But now lets assume that YOU are the one on the bottom. What about ways to get up?

Heh while it was intended as semi- tongue in cheek, that was kind of silly of me to phrase it that way.

It wasn't you obviously, but I remember many moons ago being shown a guard passing drill and some other groundwork and being told it was part of Naihanchi. Coincidentally, this was in the 90's;)

Hey I fully agree that those things should be taught, especially how to get up! I just don't agree neccessarily that they are explicitly part of most Kata.

I also think that for most people crosstraining is probably required unless they are lucky enough to have a teacher who is also proficient in a grappling art (hey, like you).

Whether or not this stuff is part of Karate, it seems to be the case that generally one needs some exposure to a dedicated grappling art to learn it.

Maybe this will be less true in time, since now people corsstraining and integrating stuff is much more common.

You yourself admitted that your wrestling background has merged with your Karate, do you think someone else trained in a comparable manner only in Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu would have the kind of grappling knowledge or ability to teach these things?

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