I have a few different weapons, but the one I'll show here is my favorite sword. Its a pretty solid chopper, nice and durable, handles well enough, holds an edge exceptionally well and can take a good lot of punishing. Its seen a lot of treatment that many sword users would call abusive, but I prefer to think of it as 'testing'.

This is my sword, as you can see the wrapping of the handle has experienced pretty bad wear and tear, but the blade itself has excellent integrity.

An example of the blades integrity - It passed my 'stump biting' test with flying colours, biting deep (on every slice, not just the one where it went into a crack >_>) and taking no damage aside from extremely minor cosmetic damage which is easily fixed with a little blade care know how.

It handles nicely, I'm able to easily hit my mark with this blade, as in this example I threw an apple up and sliced it (not entirely impressive in itself, but with some swords I find this particular task difficult, which makes it a good sword-handling test) That said, it does feel a little heavy, but well balanced. Its definately a chopper more so than a cutter though.