Ok so i did my assesment at the gym today and i got my routine, the personal trainer guy said that before i start strength training(like i used to do) that i should do 2 months of hypertrophy training to get a solid base for strength/power training. Then after the 2 months i should do 2 weeks of strength training then back to hypertrophy to mix it up.

The workout he gave me goes sumtin like this:

Monday-Workout 1

warmup 5mins on rower

Barbell flat bench press- 3x8-12
Dumbell bench pres incline- 3x8-12

Seated row- 3x8-12
Assisted chinups- 3x8-12

Dumbell seated shoulder press- 3x8-12
Dumbell lateral raise- 3x10

Tuesday-Workout 2

5minute warmup on bike

Squats- 3x8-12
travelling lunges- 2x10(each leg)

Leg curl- 3x12
Stiff legged deadlift- 3x10

Calf raises- 3x10
hovers(planks)- 3x1min

Roman crunch- 3x12

Thursday-Workout 1
Friday- Workout 2

So its a hypertrophy routine upper/lower body split trying to workout 4 times a week. 1minute rests inbetween sets and it should take about an hour to complete.

This routine is FAR different to anything i've ever really done, personally i think there are to many exercises and generally dont think its all that efficient, but what do i know.

Cord,Wiggy any other knowledgable freinds out there it would help me alot if you could give it a look over and fix/change what you thinks needs fixing!!!

Regards, Jasper