one issue when looking back is that the use of weapons would have been more significant (for attack and defence).

Swords were no longer allowed to be carried by the majority of the nobility. The people had to look for ways of protecting themselves from both armed bandits that didn't care that they were breaking the law and from the occupying forces that were often not too nice to their new subjects.

So if a law abiding person was carrying weapons and caught what were the penelties?
How ever if the limbs can be turned in to weapons ( thus the amount of limb conditioning that seems to have taken place) and an even higher amount of physical training might be required. Plus what happens when the weapon is lost?
Bet the ones who survived were good sprinters as well. Do the business defend themselves then go very quickly.


also many of the examples, as interesting as they are are prearranged teenage scraps, whether in the street or indeed the arena.

I dont think all of them were Jim. Some
perhaps but even so to view the true fights the viewer needs to be registered with you tube or google video so I cant put them up. Plus there seems to be a market for video'd real fights.They aint showing for free , greedy people.

random acts of violence on the street, tend to be less prolonged, not always but often quite short.

need to keep this in context.

Perhaps but they can also be full blown.
So if its self defence this needs to be take on to account.


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