LOL are you serious, tell ya what Jude, as soon as you post some of your own sparring that lives up to or surpasses that caliber i'll be more receptive to your cirticisms, do you regularly spar harder than this? Who do you train with that you're doing full contact Goju sparring with?

I love how every time sparring is posted online people who could probably never perform at that level love to pick it apart.

The guys in the video have skills, it may not be the best sparring i've ever seen, but most people in most dojo don't even reach this level,

Ah I understand now. You two think all you have to do is
defend your selves against people as per the sparring session you posted?

and that is karate?


so again i'm curious, what Karateka are you training with that are sparring "harder" than this? Are you doing Bogu kumite? With who?

You say karate is for self defence and random acts of violance?


thoes are grudge matches between styles to get bragging rights as to who's better. if you can call that easy controlled sparring, we don't need to have this conversation.

Ok vidoe of street fights.

You state your karate is for random violance and self defence?


Ok here is what you defend against?
They go to the ground?


Bare knuckle vale tudo about as close as a real fight its going to get with a ref present. Judo/ jutsu in there as well. Now lets go back to my assumption jujitsu has an inflence on the devolpment of karate as praticed on Okinawa ?

Could the fighters ended up the same as these guys?
Bear in mind they and people on okinawa train bare knuckle?
Original karate on okinawa? Lots of weight training and conditioning?
Looks like the guys on the vale tudo do the same.

So Imagine your attacked by one of these guys? You state your karate is for random violance and self defence?

Now If we can say lets go back to Okinawa and the report of the violance in 1904 from the school teacher about bareknuckle thugs. There were reports of the people losing their lifes to them.

So turn the clocks back to different people in the development of karate spending time and money travelling to learn more skills?For what purpose?

So if these reports were true then how high a level were they? Like the vale tudo fighters?

That would give a reason then why saw the need to increase skills.

Defending against such types would need quite a high level of self defence skills.

Why did different people in the development of karate make such long journeys and spend so much time furthering their arts?

Where is the motivation to do such things?

Are you two realy stating that original karate might not be able to defend you against such attacks.

Switch it to modern self defence instructors like Geoff Thompson? Does it follow a simular line?

I think history might prove you wrong if it can be believed

Still researching and studying.


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