it looks like these fellas have a good idea. when they go to the ground, it looks like they all have some idea what to be doing, you can see that they attempt things like side control, and a few throws. the fights are kept standing up, but each one knows "fighting" as a package, in one way or another.

More like easy controlled sparring. Bit unrealistic.
If I can find the video I refer to again I will post it.


LOL are you serious, tell ya what Jude, as soon as you post some of your own sparring that lives up to or surpasses that caliber i'll be more receptive to your cirticisms, do you regularly spar harder than this? Who do you train with that you're doing full contact Goju sparring with?

I love how every time sparring is posted online people who could probably never perform at that level love to pick it apart.

The guys in the video have skills, it may not be the best sparring i've ever seen, but most people in most dojo don't even reach this level, so again i'm curious, what Karateka are you training with that are sparring "harder" than this? Are you doing Bogu kumite? With who?

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