Well if what people are referring to as groundfighting is to mean the same simple Karate specific tactics applied on the ground then i'd be in the same boat.

Don't you guys think though that maybe it's good at times to step back and look at what is the strategy of Karate and put the grappling in perspective?

Sometimes it seems to me that the Karate world is currently so in love with the idea of grappling in Karate that we confuse the main point of what we are doing, which is quick and efficient dispatch.

That is in an ideal world. But dont you think that sometimes it wouldnt always work that way and could get long and drawn out.? I need to know what most grapplers have. I also need to know how to get out of certain moves. The only way I can get to know is by studying grappling.

Jude: I think it's hard to call Wado-Ryu "Jujutsu based Karate", they do some Jujutsu waza but the Kata syllabus is (as far as I know) essentially similar to the other Japanese Shorin-based styles.

Yes and I think in the main most just use the kata for gradings.

I'm not sure if Ian Abernethy's kata analysis is neccessarily related to his being Wado,

I havent studied all his works. The stuff that I have seems jujitsu orientated.
Some chinese methods and I would venture to say some Okinawan methods seem different than western ideas of fighting. But I can only comment on the stuff I have studied. Still to early to make a hard and fast opinion.


there are plenty of Wado schools that don't seem to do anything like what he does.

Yes and some end up dropping kata.


Yeah I know Juji Gatame can be applied standing and in a variety of manners, I just don't think it should be priority #1 in Karate, as we've discussed elsewhere.

It's great to know and practice that stuff, I just think people lose perspective sometimes with the grappling in Karate thing.

Well seen as I trained primaraly on strikes I had to come to terms with the fact there are some good grapplers out there. So had to change somethings or get left behind.

Still studying.