I'm gonna respond under the assumption that maybe you are not the troll you clearly are.

I have done some crosstraining in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, as well as a bit of informal Judo training with my Goju teacher who also teaches Kodokan Judo. Before you say "d00d wuz it liek, ALIVE training" Yes, I have done a bit of live grappling, though admittedly i'm not good at it.

BTW...you don't know a thing about Karate sparring, judging from your website all you've been exposed to is mcdojo sparring.

You seem to have some very set opinions already about TMA, so may I suggest you come out with your agenda instead of pretending neutrality and some kind of feigned "interest" in other people's training?

Or better yet, perhaps you could simply go away, and talk to like minded people instead of trying to bait people on forums whose arts you clearly have no respect for.

There are subforums on here for your kind of training, maybe you should hit those up.

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