Blah blah blah blah,

I'm the founder of Bulldog-Ryu Goshin Jutsu.

Developed via youtube and lots of wikipedia research.

I bought credentials over the net and then I just claim that I've taught both marines and law enforcement.

My son got his arse handled to him now so I avoid real confrontation and instead develop a cult-like following.

I am the first Vietnamese descendant to be awarded the "Bach Ho" or White Tiger rank in Vovinam and thus I integrated into my art just to screw with my student's minds and totally confuse them.

And yes, I'm a 60th Dan in Judo and I hate throwing, so I developed a striking style of judo based on kicks.

Now I have a school which used to be managed poorly, but now I scam people with fake dvd's and I give them 5 years contract they must sign on. Other than that, I enjoy humiliating them by wearing a pink gi, however, instead of pants they have to wear a kilt colored like the american flag just to show patriotism.

My son runs the dojo now as I'm in Prison for fraud.

~Soke Doke Donnie

P.S... For fack's sake, how many JJJ styles do you need before people realize there's only so many ways to bend a limb or throw a person?

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I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!