The point that Jason was making is that your opinion was drawn on incomplete information and therefore might not be a valid or realistic conclusion.

I don't think Jason was "bent out of shape" concerning his reply.

It seems his reply was merely pointing out the
validity of your conclusion(s) that you were infering were somewhat askance due to the incomplete information that was supplied.

Further. this is the statement on your part:

"I'm not sure what happened here,but that woman was brutalized while in handcuffs"

First you say "I'm not sure here......." then you proceed with the statement, "this woman was brutalized..."

I think it was more the second part of your statement was what J took issue with.

When civilians make statements about these types of incidents, many times they are drawing conclusions that to them are academic in nature and they don't give it much thought.

BUT to people that are in the business of LEO work and put their reputations, their lives, and in some cases their families' lives on the line to perform a job, such a careless and irresposnible assesment of a halfa$$ed video taped incident is abhorrent (because THEN some civilian that knows nothing about the job invariable says something like, "I'm not sure what happened here,but that woman was brutalized while in handcuffs").

Not trying to flame you, just trying to show why such statements as the one you (and others make) made might be objectionable to others.

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