Heres the deal, if you don't get the student "committed" to coming in, will they ever come in? Will they just forget and in a sense leave me hanging?

As customers - selling, persuading, convincing sound like dirty words we don't want to associate with. But nevertheless its is a business - business cannot survivor without people.

The trick is to take away the cliche commercialism, the "telemarketing vocabulary, and the usual slogans.

Staight up since I've started this thread it began with cost. How to handle the cost question. Answer: be honest and just lay it on the line, but get them to try it too regardless of cost you just never know.

Then we switched to what would be the best way to "convince people to come in" and we agreed to disagree on how to do this. Its like trying to get a stranger to do something for you - its easier when its your friend so get to know them.

But I have to ask: if you call of course I have to tell you about my school, cost, etc. thats why you called. Besides basic phone ettiquette we aren't agreeing on anything here.

But I think we can agree on this

Talking to someone on the phone, what throws up the WARNING flag in your mind? (like when people dodge questions) and for those with past/current experience in this (like Bwhite and harlan) what mistakes did you make that you knew you had screwed up?

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