Excellent advice above---really good.

If someone is buying anything stright on price they either already know everything they need to know---and how often does that happen?
Or they know almost nothing and they are not takeing their choice of school very seriously.

If someone does not care enough to check out the school personally before they decide---then you probably don't want them as a student.

If its a question of cost--as in they can only afford so much---then its best to know that up-front....time is money and you only have so much to waste on people that are not interested.

Somebody asks how much it is---I'd tell them.

Then depending on how the call is going I'd ask them some questions--, how did they hear about you? What got them interested in martial arts? What are they wanting to achive? could help your business.
I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.