Its a strange topic title, I know, but I'm highly considering opening a school of my own soon and I find I have alot of trouble with this. My own instructor has been teaching me all the points on how to do it (i.e. ask all the questions, get them to come in etc.) and we'll play the game where he calls me and tries to throw me off so I know how to deal with difficult people, but I would like to be able to practice this on my own as well.

My question is to all the instructors and business owners out there, how do you do it? When they ask the cost question, how do you turn that around into "come in and see if its for you" and what to do if they are persistent about it. As well as anything else a person usually asks.

Advice, pointers, any kind of help is greatly appreciated especially considering that I am a female in the male dominated business aspect of martial arts. To open this kung fu school I've got to have stuff.