Upon reading a bit more about Bak Mei Gong Fu, I came across something relating to use of Chi in the art. Chi is used as a weapon, rather than for other purposes e.g. healing...

I am slightly curious as to it's use in Xing Yi Quan/Hsing. Is Chi used as a weapon, or does it have other uses in the system? I know there are various styles of Xing Yi, and that variations may apply within indivdual styles/schools, but what is the general use?

Many thanks for any help! I am a serious noob re CMA, so apologies if my ignorance shows!

My updated take on chi.

The human body creates energy. Some of this eneregy is used for normal functions but what happens to any excess energy?

How is this energy tapped and made usefull?

The mind. By mentaly storing it.

So chi cant be used as a weapon. It could assist the body when used as a weapon with a surge of energy.