Interesting example.

And playing Devils Advoctate here---if I can borrow the hat from TKD for a minute.

Tell me though---can I become an "initiate disciple" and become part of the Masters "FAMILY" simply by paying him/her some extra money????

Should such a relationship be for sale?????

Or viewed another way---does a student that pays the extra fees and joins the Black Black Training Program have any reason to be upset or any recourse if they are NOT selcted to become "initiate" or "disciples" of the art by the Master?

Just to be curious---what are the "concrete benefits" of being in the "Black Belt Training Program?"

Or to view it another way---what would just a "normal" student be missing out on if they could not affrod to join the "Black Belt Training Program?"

No trying to offend anyone---just asking and were just talking here.
I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.