So by your example, if you were one of the 10 BB's in that special class, that an hour of your instructors time, teaching you advanced material, is only worth $4 an hour to you? Wow, what a deal! I can't get group ski lessons for that price. For that matter, I can't even get a Big Mac for that price.
Is that what our instructors are really worth?


What someone's time is worth is relative to the person and the circumstance they are in. If you feel you can charge $40 per person and the next person only wants to charge $4, what's the problem with that? Everyone is entitled to charge what they want. Doesn't mean we have to agree with it and, utlimately, it's up to the consumer to want to spend the money.

My time IS valuable to me. I told 4 of my students last night if they can not behave and do what's expected of them in class, they can leave. I am not here to babysit or have mine or the other student's time wasted. I didn't mince words or say things like: "now, you know that's not appropriate behavior, let's try again and be happy, shall we??" Nope. I actually kicked one out of class and told him to come back with a better attitude. If he doesn't come back, his loss, not mine. The focus is learning our system. Not charging an extra $30 a month fee for a $2 patch.