I am a black belt (I am a Sandan now) and have been training since I was 16 (roughly 21 years). I also have my own dojo and approximately 30 students that attend regularly whose ages range from 6-40. I see from your name and what you have written in the past that you are not a black belt yet and haven’t been training for very long. So my perspective is one of a teacher that runs a dojo and has a traditional mindset when it comes to martial arts training.

Laura is a blackbelt and instructor. I believe she's been training 4yrs now!!


I have been in 2 MA schools whose focus was the business side of things and not the art. Both were focused on making money any way they can. They created whatever elitist clubs they could to make people feel better about themselves. They lost sight of the fact that the this type of physical training by a good instructor is designed to help one do that as is. I always knew there was more to what I was doing than shouting “WE ARE A BLACK BELT SCHOOL!” Thankfully I am with an instructor that is showing me what true martial arts training is about. In the 20+ years I have been training I have learned more in these last 4+ years with him. But that’s a different topic and I digress.

Man I'm with you there! Can I come join?


I see. So students have to pay more to be better motivated or in other words, get more motivating instruction? Interesting concept. I figured instructors would be good enough to motivate students without making them pay extra.

Nope, see first reply.

I really enjoyed your post! We are likeminded indeed! I have been training in Goju for 17yrs(Nidan) We have our own place to train now, no clicks, no price tags on good instruction, no phonu gradings, no contracts, etc.. Just good training.

All of this motivational money making scheems lead to the watering down of the arts we have today. We mass produce blackbelts that can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag, they have no perseverance, lazy, bad attitudes, etc....

Okay, I'm getting off track here,lol.
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