Are you saying that those that pay good money for training BUT can't afford to pay extra--or can't afford the time--get LESS quality training/instuction???

(playing devils advocate) why not? Is it any different than buying an economy car vs a luxury car? Both will get you to your destination, one will get you their with heated seats. If you are willing to pay for more and you can pay for more, shouldn't you get more?

We keep our prices low so that most people can afford everything. At 50 bucks a month, our tuition is quite reasonable, if not downright cheap, and 20 bucks extra a month is really not that much more. If you are really interested in tournament training, cut out a trip to the movies each month. Thats our business model.

Frankly, I don't agree that everyone SHOULD necessarily be treated the same way. Should I give the same treatment to the student that comes to every class over the student that only comes occasionally? Shouldn't training be tailored to each individual student? Is it my fault if one student learns faster than another?

I look at it this way, you pay x amount of money for the privilege of walking in the door each month. I agree to teach x number of hours for that month. If I'm not a good teacher, you won't come back next month. If I am or you find value in the time spent, then you will be back next month. It's as simple as that. If you like what I have to teach, and you want more of my time, great, it'll cost you extra. My time is just as valuable as your time.