Putting on my devils advocate hat for momment...and just for a momment, PLEASE remember that I more or less agree with you here.

Are you saying that those that pay good money for training BUT can't afford to pay extra--or can't afford the time--get LESS quality training/instuction???

In business, those that can't afford to pay for the "top drawer" package get varying levels of service.

Like I said prior one of the problems with a business model for things like martial arts etc is that its framed as "all business" when it comes to students paying their dues/fees etc.
But its an "art with traditions" when it comes to pretty much any other aspect of training.

They are "customers" when it comes to paying their dues on time, but they are "students" that should be respectful and attentive otherwise.

Would you be cool with a student refusing to spar or break for testing??
Why should PAYING customers have to risk injury just because their "hired help" say the should???

What if paying customers refuse to do their forms for testing?
If I hate forms and I pay good money to take lessons why should I have to do stuff I hate??
I'm the customer after all.

Why should a paying customer wear a uniform?--If I'm paying for time and instruction then why does the "help" get to dictate to me what I have to wear???

Why should I show up on time? As a paying customer, presumably with a contract that entitles me to training--surely I can show up pretty much any time the doors are open and get instruction?

If I have work to do and only show up the last 15 min of class--since I pay for my lessons just like everyone else--I can show up when I like and you'll be ready and willing to teach me?

And as a customer, if I find your service to be lacking--I can simply quit and use someone else and not have your collections agents calling me and harrassing me?

If as a customer I feel that your spending "too much time" working with others and not enough with me/on my account--I pay my money just like everyone else--and I DEMAND the same level of service.....are you going to provide it?

What if I don't want to bow and call people "master/sabunim etc"--why can't I call the "help" Bill or Jane?
Lets not forget whom works for who here.

What if I suck? I pay good money to be taught and if I'm not improving--is the business ready and willing to refund my monies?
If an ad agency claims that I'll double my lead flow by using their service and it does not work----you bet you behind I'll be looking for a discount/refund.
In the business world if a product or service fails to perform as promised then you generally don't get to keep chargeing people for the service/product----in fact you often get SUED.

If little Steve goes to an open tournament and finds himself seriously outclassed for his belt rank--maybe shows up with a black eye--are you going refund ALL his money?
What if they show up with a attorney and deamnd that you not only refund the money but pay damages for failing to teach him up to "standard?"

What if I hate the teacher?
If I hate the dude that services the computers in my business--I make a call--and the company sends over a NEW guy.
Is the school ready to do that?

If I go check out another school and I like what they do--are you ready and willing to make substanive changes in YOUR school to meet my changeing needs?
Happens all the time in business---a client hears about a perks or a new wrinkle that someone else offers and wants to make changes in their account---and to an extent--business often comply---are you ready to do so?

What if the teacher sucks?
If I sign up to train with "expert X" why should I have to endure the lower quality instruction of "black belt in training Steve?"
In business if I contract with an expert in say Global Econ to teach me what I need--I kinda expect THAT PERSON to teach---someone that works for her is is NOT what I contracted for.
So any class NOT directly taught by whomever the top person might be is free then??????

Just off the top of my head.

Sure teachers should get paid---and paid WELL--if they are any good.

But embracing the busness model also means dragging a lot of stuff into your practce that most folks have maybe didn't consider at first.

I seriously don't think many people/schools would be ready if their customers fully embraced the busness model to the extent that they do.

I'm pretty demanding with those that want my busines in real life---I have a LOT of choices--I expect to get what pay for and my level of expectations are pretty high.
If my paperboy keeps throwing my paper into a deep snowdrift--I call the newspaper and they strighten him out.
A client of mine gets upset with me and they call my boss then my boss strightens ME out

IMO fully embraceing the business model would mean a LOT of changes.

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I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.