I was an enrollment director at a school that had BBC's. I didn't like them then, I don't like them now. I am of the mind that special clubs and what not only segregate people instead of bringing them together. "Oh look, I got this BBC patch, I am better than you!" What does that foster in some folks? People should be mature enough to know you don't have to be a part of a specific group to be special, but we know that's not how it works. A shame that's not how it's taught either.

Schools create "cliques" so people can feel good/better about themselves and be more motivated to achieve excellence in their training? So the regular training curriculum isn't good enough? *sniff* Smells like McDojo selling McPheal Good Burgers and Shakes. Feeling good about yourself should come through hard work, effort and achievement (getting stars on your uniform doesn't count imo). Not from being a part of a special club. I thought being part of the martial arts community was special in and of itself.

I am of the mind that the goal is the training and what it can do for you. The rank will come with time and effort. Black belt should come whether you're in the special "clique" or not. If you have to be in a BBC to achieve black belt level training, then you are in the wrong school IMNSHO.

I don't like demonstration teams, BBC teams, etc. Every student in your school should be good enough to be on a demo team or in a BBC club. If they aren't, then something is wrong with the training and the instructor needs to revaluate how he does things (IMNSHO). Of course, I am not looking at this from a business perspective. I am looking at it from a real martial arts perspective.

Would you like Fries with that McShake?