you said yourself if someone doesn't know what they are doing, then it's dangerous.

Obviously for reasons you refuse to understand... it's not just a matter of "hitting a point" that makes this dangerous, and the random chance of someone striking a pressure point exactly right to cause the kinds of problems that can reliably be done using pressure point training are pretty remote. Again, DM and "pressure points" aren't necessarily the same thing. Yes, they do use the same locations... sometimes even the same nerve-connective tissue-blood vessel areas, but they are not the same fight science. Selecting specific points and continually striking them, however, raises the opportunity for problems by a large margin.

Field hockey and baseball both use a ball and both throw a ball, but you can hardly equate them as "ballgames"... they are using the same tools, but have a totally different method and result. Just hammering on a point might hurt like hell, and might even do some damage... but the degree of harm goes up exponentially when done correctly using the correct angle and depth of penetration... plus, you totally ignore the "set up" and time factors of DM. The meridians cycle in 2 hour phases, and to make a correct strike, it has to be done when the correct meridian is "on". There are ways to turn them on, but that's a different discussion.

The old saying that "a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while", is more closely akin to your analysis of what goes on here with full contact fighting vs pressure points vs DM. I have no doubt that some where, some time, a "lucky" shot from full contact has caused harm to somebody... but when all the art focuses on is "force violence", it is what it is. Pressure points and DM are both more refined fighting sciences, and require both substantial training and practice with the capacity to resucitate and "short cut" the damage by applying treatment . They are not just "pounding on a point".

If you're not studying DM, stick with the 36 recognized "vital points" and just pound on them as "killing strikes". They're also in the DM book...

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