Wonder why full contact martial sports don't have accidental deaths all the time from a random Dim Mak strike.

C'mon Ed, I've answered that question a dozen times. It isn't "random" striking that effects the problems... it's sequence, correct angle, depth of penetration... all those things you study and practice repeatedly. It's done by people trained to resucitate their victims, and hopefully treat them with correct acupuncture methods.

I just answered that for you when you asked about other methods of training in PP... remember the "training Bob" remarks? Nothing I said there has changed.

Where the misinformation is found is in equating PP specifically to DM... they are different methods using the same points. I can hammer a point in your "liver line" and cause you to collapse in pain without causing you to die... or I can hit the same point in sequence with other things that will cause your liver to fail over the next couple of weeks, or cause a hematoma that will create specific, targeted problems.

Think about it like hitting a ball. A lot of pitchers throw a ball past a hitter. Some hitters "get a piece of it" and hit singles, double, triples or make an out. Then, there are the batters who "figure out the timing, distance, and swing" and hit it out of the park. They're all trying to do the same thing using the same process, but only those that find the "sweet spot" do the damage.

Good PP players can beat you sensless without ever putting you in danger... random attacking of points, however, is like handing a monkey a gun... you never know when, where, or if it's going off... especially if you have no resucitation skills... and just because somebody doesn't kill you by hitting "a point" doesn't make it necessarily safe... there are all kinds of maladies that are caused by random point striking. That's why it's called "training"...

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