Problem Children-

-Sometimes I will ask students to work out personally with me so I can reinforce their current training and shore up some techniques. One of my newer students, who has had previous training, asked what it was we were doing on Saturday? “Is that a testing??” I told him no, it’s a semi-private class where I invite students to work out with me and help them along. I told him eventually everyone gets that time with me (which they do). Mind you, this is the student that asked me on more than one occasion when he can test. I told him each time earning rank is not a race. He will earn it with time and work. Let me digress a bit and give you some information on our rank structure and testing procedures.

Our rank colors are: White, Green, Brown, Black, Red-White (Shihan), Red-Black (Soke Dai), and Red for Soke. White has 3 stripes, Green 2, Brown 3. Stripe Kyu rank are given as spot promotions. If a student demonstrates technical ability and maturity, they are promoted. If not, they wait. Color belt testing is done at a formal test. Normally we have formal testing in June and December. Testing is NOT automatic and it is by invitation ONLY. We do NOT give belts away. One is not invited to test unless they have shown they are ready in their class performance. One of our dojo mottos is: ‘every day is a test’. The test measures their endurance and how well a student can do under pressure. The candidate already has proven in daily performance and that they are competent. Formal Tests are a minimum of 2 hours for beginners and "until we are done" for higher ups.

I told him to come to class on Saturday at 10AM which is our normal time for training on Saturdays. He showed up, we worked on a few things and moved on. Next week I was expecting him and he didn’t show. He called me after class was over to tell me he couldn’t get the kids up because they were tired, that he was also tired because he normally goes out on Friday nights and it’s hard for him to get up. He then stated that maybe having class at noon would be better. I told him that’s the time I can get the room (our classes are held in at a Rec Center and a Church and have to share the space). I then told him, “Well, I guess I will see you in class on Tuesday? Have a great day!”. I wanted to curse him out but I played nice. That next Tuesday I made a general class announcement not to ask me for more training and then not show up.

How do you all handle such a situation?


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