Hey guys. I am really frustrated with myself right now, and just at the world in general.

About two months ago maybe a little more I was attempting to do the splits. Normally i can get about a fist away, no biggy. but I just went down this time and heard/felt two snaps. I fell the the ground hunched into a ball. -- my newly ripped groin muscle.

I gave it two weeks then started training on it again and everything went well for about a week then i heard the pop again and although slightly less painful it did return. I gave it another two weeks and bam same thing. Then I gave it about three and all went well for a while but just about two weeks ago I was training and the pain just gradually crept up on me, then it went away the next day.

Now just a couple hours ago i was training, doing some light sparring, and I went for a head level round house, heard the pop and 'walah' ripped once again.

Will this ever go away!? What should I do?

Thanks in advance,
A very frustrated me
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