No, please move away from that arguement, as this is not what is important. Now I will state that history has nothing or very, very little to do with what one does today with respect to their physical training. Now it can help a bit with respect to understanding where & how something can into being, so one can move forward, as is true with this topic. If TKD is losing face/popularity, one must understand history so we can track development in hopes of improving or adjusting in some way. period, end of story, not really important for physical training

Now why history is important:
History is of course the recording of events, allowing a look back into times long gone. There may be some benefit to that & it has been done, this recording, since recorded history began

Now history in the short term is usually written by those in power. In this case the SK govt & its agencies. There are various reasons that contribute to why certain facts are downplayed, eliminated & others unduly highlighted. They do not only relate to discrediting Ambassador Choi. History usually sorts itself out over time. I think you & others will start to see that, as the geo-political clmate has changed in Korea. There are several projects in the works that will help this process along, including internet discussion forums such as this & the overall power & reach of the world wide web as a communication tool beyond control.

Why is this important?
Simple answer. Many great men left a poor developing country & spread not only a MA, but the customs & culture of a proud country. They introduced Korea to the world, via their MA. To simply credit them with this the least we can & should do. Now couple with the fact, that this accurate potrayal of history will not only rightfully give credit where it is due, but will also help pay back the great harm caused to them over the years by a brutual dictatorial regime, that blacklisted communsit sympathizers & traitors.

(end quote)

Surely some where one wants history to be recorded accurately and as you said give credit to where credit is due. I am all for this. I still must ask the question as to where this is going to benefit us that are not yet a record of history? How is this going to benefit TKD and the various groups that make up TKD? could this harm some of these groups? How is this going to help TKD move forward? Will it vastly improve TKD"s popularity and how? If there is no answers to these questions than history is some what insignificant and I do not believe that you, or I, feel that way. I can not answer these questions because I lack historical knowledge but I am all for moving forward and improvement.

So where and how is acknowledging and/or rectifying this going to take us? How will it improve the various governing powers and organizations of TKD or is this a one sided mission to rectify a terrible wrong doing? I don"t care if it is the ladder, if it"s wrong it is wrong, and should be rectified, but I would like to know how this is going to benefit TKD as a whole.

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