Yes I do find it hard to understand and accept.
Got a problem with that guys?
Might as well endthe discussion.

Iv looked at interviews with The general,of He Ill Cho,Sihak Henry Cho,Nam Tae Hi,some others and non of them reference groundwork or doing it in the capacity you guys are claiming.All in rolling.
Even when they talk of the military sparring.Most refer to how it looks in that clip and one says its simliar to now except no pads.
One says it was basicaly Korean Karate.
Iv looked at clips of North Korean army training now and recent times and its not as you are saying.

So you can blame me for weighing everthing up and making the conclusions I do?

Is there not even any photos?Instructors I can reasearch doing it now,interviews to read?
I also know of someone via email claiming to teach military who has told me how it was.
I point my saxaphone at the rare Booted Gorilla.