More aggression.
Going on for longer.I noticed a five second ground rule They look too compliant.
Well, I cant answer without sounding critical of that training or those students and I dont want it to go like that so I dont know how to say what I mean if im honest.It did not look hardcore enough for me to go with the claims of how TKD was trained in the military.
Who claimed?
Iv heard lots claim the military style was this or that.By ''they'' I mean people who realy stick up for TKD and wont have a bad word against it.

Do you mean your group or TKD in general have always trained like that?
Im sceptical TKD was originaly trained like that.
If your group,Fair enough.

The thing that does not make sense is that if the word MMA comes up,like IT haS,that method of training is degraded as sport,like it has.Agreed yes.
Yet that footage is MMA type training yet its said thats good and its how its supposed to be trained or how it was trained.
So it does not make sense.
I point my saxaphone at the rare Booted Gorilla.