Iv got no problem and neither has anyone else I think outside of TKD when its shortcomings are accepted .
Its when they are not that it looses face.Thats was my main point,though the threads gone off kilter.Its an interesting discussion though.

Your training is some of the best iv seen in TKD.
Though its still not as harcore as is made out Military TKD was IMO.From the claims about it.
I dont mean hardcore as just in beating the crap either.
And in terms of the MMA/NHB or all in type training in moments,it looks ok,but not to the level of a good MMA/NHB or all in place.IMHO.
I would say thats a big influence on that training yet it will be claimed TKD was always like that.
That will loose its face too.

Is that how its claimed they trained,like that footage?

I only use the term MMA/NHB because its easyier.I would prefer grappling with the idea of striking or striking with the idea of grappling.

In my opinion the best reference we have for a human being training to strike,for full contact,punches,kicks,elbows,knees,standing clinch just happens to be labelled Muay thai so I think any human doing that would train like that and it would resemble that bearing slight difference in technique.EG the difference in kicking.
Those methods are totaly proven.
So if TKD in the military was as effective they must of trained similar ,even if they did not know it.

Personaly I think Im just dissapointed TKD is not all its made out to be or works as well as is made out outside of its perimiters.Being told over and over again it does and that I must not be doing it right or training it right has made it loose face to me.I feel like saying 'No its not all my fault''.
If Stuarts footage is how they trained then in training in an MMA/NHB way the full hog im doing real better original TKD than most.
Mmm the discussion could never end.
I point my saxaphone at the rare Booted Gorilla.