Guess I came across as dissing mma did not mean to sound that way. Agree that mma is more enertaining to watch than probably all other competitions.I just wish the refs would stand the fighters up a little quicker if there is no action, that is my only beef with mma.The red belt comment I got from a UFC commontater wile watching a match, I only said I wasn:t sure if that was correct because I wasn:t sure if the anouncer was correct in stating that.My first post on this fourm was yesterday on the human weapon fourm please read it, it will give you an idea of the nature of my postings. I realy do respect every martial art and think they all have much to offer, but after reading fighting arts .com for over a yr.(only responded for first time yesterday) I can see that many people have little idea as to why some organizations do what they do my self included as witnessed by my comments reguarding the ground game for mma. I am sure there is a reason the refs let it go so long just can:t figure out why some bouts end up looking like a high school wresling match for half the bout.This sounded like a knock on mma just stating what I feel would make mma even better for myself, personaly am still a fan though and still like to watch.Now for the hard part, I must also agree that olyimpic sparing is extreemly boring. The reason I watch it is because I understand how good these competitors realy are. The same aspects that make them good is also what makes the event boring, they are forced by a point system and rules that make them have to give to much respect to their opponents. Less than 1 percent of WTF people will ever make it as far as the olympics. What way to many people believe is the myth that WTF instructors are only teaching olypic sparing techneques to their students. This myth whitch is mostly prepetuated by practicing taekwondo people is what is giving taekwondo an undeserved rep that it is inferior. To answer your question as to what my reply has to do with taekwondo losing its popularity, I think that the mma community is doing an excellent job of marketing and has cut into the popularity of many if not all the martial arts. Its marketing at its best combine any and all arts under 1 system and give it a name its brillant! the only down side is that every martial art is not being represented in its trur light and too many techneques from all the arts are missing this is why I am of the oppion that it is more of a brawl than an art that is not a knock it is what it is and we can still all enjoy MMA.