oppion only- mma is popular because of the blood it draws, it is no more than a well promoted tough man contest with a small varity of marcial arts added. If you can take a punch you can be a mma fighter. I think to be considered a professional mma fighter one only needs to be a RED BELT not positive. mma fights have all the elements of the old gladiators, the colliseium,blood and guts rouring crowds ect. not to take away from mma it IS BRUTAL and the publc loves the beatings. Most of these fighters (from all arts) strike me as not being super at their core arts and left or gave up so they could become brawlers in a less technical but more punishing system.Just an observation, not saying I am right any coments?

Hi Doofus!! You obviously aren't involved enough to give an opinion on what mma is or isn't.

Lol @ "only have to be a redbelt."
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