I find that grabing and positioning a person weigh over his knees while pulling him off balance it doesn't take much to injury the leg if you kick it. This happens all the time in fast cutting sports like, base/basket/football r socker and they do it to themselves without a kick to that joint. A snap kick will do it pretty easy, it doesn't take much power. You don't even have to kick the knee anywhere from above the knee to the lower shin, their body weight is the real force that does the damage. My 2 cent.

This is just my opinion there are alot of techniques implied in Karate, just like its history the orgin of these techniques may never be known. And just think how long a Kata would be if it used every technique in Karate's arsenal.

Victor makes a good point, there is history taught that China's Shaolin temple got its fighting/conditioning art from India. I mention this because as Victor stated just looking at one of the 100s of systems of Silat, a step or spin forward in dance, in application can be everything from instep stomp, front kick, roundhouse kick, to almost anything sweep/takedown, the spin can be anything from spining elbow, takedown, spinning back kick hook or thrust. The look of these technique in the dance/kata doesn't look anything like a fight let alone a technique that could hurt someone. It trully looks like dance as in the Dancing Man of Hagi/Miyagi lore. The leg is hardly ever lifted to cocked it looks simply like a step or spinning in as if dancing.

Why is it that we expect exactness in the forms past down to us? Chinese hyungs usually have moves that only the trained eye can tell what it is, it looks like fighting but its not always what it look likes or it has many definition. I do find it strange that Gung-fu has the rhk in there forms but Trad Karate doesn't its only implied, thats what I was told and it works for me. Kung-fu forms are far more complex and usually longer then the simple Katas of Karate, imo.

I like doing Gung-fu forms now bc I know what to look for, but imagine doing this long drawn out form with no idea of what you doing for months, before moving on.

I say, Thank God, for the Okinawans for simplifying the process. Its implied and thats good enough for me. But like the free thinking world we always ask Why or Where if its not plan as the nose on our face.

Another note the roundhouse kick in Goju isn't in any Goju kata as a precise technique but in some of the competitive Goju dojo it is the most popular kick from the thigh to the back of head/head. This is probably true in most dojos now.

Victor interesting note on Jhonn Rhee and the wheel kick, I did note that to Mu-duk-kwan-do's wheel kick was done differently then TKD spin back hook kick. Though traveled the basic same path, almost.

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