I think you misread me a little. The whole point of that post was just that I see it as counter-productive to try and convince someone your strong beliefs w/o proof are more correct than their strong beliefs w/o proof.

It's just as bad as a religious or political argument. The chances of one side swaying the other with their argument is next to nothing.

And now I may be misreading you, but it seems that you thought I said chi was silly. I didn't. I merely said arguing about it's existance was silly. That also means I didn't say researching it or studying it was silly. Just the argument.

Naaaa. Not at all . It seems we are on the same wave-length.
But I think argument is worth while sometimes because I think some people tend to become unrealistic about things.

There seems to be a lot of definitions of chi. The one that I tend to think chi is, would be energy. This exists as an accepted definition in the English language.

At the least thinking positive about something/ anything should have a placebo effect. One use might be on a longer run when feeling tired to imagine feeling extra energy flowing.

I have tried it and it does seem to work although I didnt equate it to the thought of chi.

That more than likely activated increased dopomine levels,
but it doesnt real matter so long as it helps (along with the physical adjustments/improvements ) to get the desired result e.g faster, longer runs.

Still looking in to the study of the use of the mind though.