It matters because there are people, other than yourself, who wants to explore new things

I'm all for exploring new things; never said I wasn't. I also didn't say I didn't believe in chi. I only said that arguing it's existance or non existence seems counter productive to me. If you're Catholic and I'm Muslim, what do you think the chances are of one of us convincing the other to convert? This argument over chi's existence is similar. Both sides have strong beliefs, either pro or con, and the arguement just goes in circles. I've just read too many threads of people trying to convince the other side they're wrong.

Explore it. Please explore it. I have, though I wouldn't compare my study of it anything like a fully funded Harvard program. Look into it for YOURSELF and make your own decisions. (that's advice for all not directed at you personally BP.)
There are no PERFECT techniques, only perfect execution for the situation at hand. ~Corwin