I think the argument on chi is pretty silly. Whether it does or doesn't exist doesn't matter.

It matters because there are people, other than yourself, who wants to explore new things (no matter how outlandish) and hopefully when found to add them to the general pool of human knowledge, whether for it's betterment or otherwise.

The great western explorers of the last four centuries set off for parts of the then "unknown" world not knowing whether they would fall off into a bottomless abyss at the edge, all for the sake of finding where pepper, gloves and nutmeg came from. These acts of innocent curiosity (fired no doubt by unbridled commercialism) changed the world, east and west.

A chinese king in the 16th century for domestic political reasons put a stop to chinese geo-political explorations by burning all large sea-going ships. The world might have been very different had another king been on the dragon throne.

So you see, the explorations of things like Chi goes beyond the mere individual perfection of a few martial art techniques by a particular martial artist (which in 95% of cases will not be used in a real combat situation anyway) If the claims of chi are real, as the monks have demonstrated to a scientist, then it would be scientific dereliction not to explore it further and see where this thing fits in the general scheme of scientific noesis.

This "chi" moves in my body at will and I have no doubt; my problem is being able to say what exactly it is from a scientific perspective and the scientists are doing me a great favor for one day I will not only feel it, but know what it is as well.
I'll rather be happy than right, anytime.