Great post Sorin.

This article talks about the monks being able to raise their outside body temperature in their fingers and toes by 17degrees while keeping their core temp at 98.6. Dr. Benson gives a few ideas on how he thinks the monks are able to do that.

This is a new study by five neuroscientists studying the Dalai Lama's monks to see if meditation can rewire the brain making some connections stronger while making others weaker. Not by physical activity but purely mental. Both links are the same study the second one has a bit of flair.

The very first study I posted at the start of this thread I always found fascinating. What amazes me most is that the researchers are studying the by product of the monk's meditation. The reason they go into this meditation is not to produce heat but for something else. What? I'm not sure. For now the real reason for this meditation cannot be studied because it would be purely subjective at this point. The by product of this meditation alone is more than enough for the re searcher's to try to explain.

When asked how the monks do this they always reply by saying they are using their "chi". Whether or not "chi" exists these monks are capable of doing something that stumps modern science but at the same time giving neuroscientists a chance to learn and study how powerfull the mind can be.

My only intent for this thread is to show that there is qualified research being done by the top Universities on individuals, mainly Buddhist monks who claim that they can use their "chi". I just hope everybody enjoyed the studies regardless if they believe them or not.

Butterfly thanks for all the first hand experience given.