Well plenty of people can argue about things that don't exist. I can't tell you how many arguments I've heard from kids about Santa or the Boogeyman. Or some of the more nerdy individuals arguing about some comic book series or sci-fi show. None of these really exist in reality, but you can still argue about them. In economics class we have arguments on selling widgets. Now widgets do not exist but you can still discuss them. Now I'm not saying that chi or something to that effect doesn't exist, I'm just saying that you can argue about fictional stuff just as much as you can argue about something real. Personally I tend to lean more toward the existence of it.

I'd say if he made it, he has the rights so that means that you do owe Ed about $3.50. He'll probably come to collect it from you soon I imagine.

Butterfly: Why should I be on the UN? :-P I didn't leave out the third camp, I just wanted to point out the two main camps that end up arguing about this subject. The third camp typically isn't around to comment or doesn't in most cases.