They may not be able to say what exactly this is in terms of current scientific terminology or where it's found on the Periodic Table or where it stands under Newton's Laws or whether it has any bearing on the current understanding of Quantum Physics. But the answer that this camp has to give when asked the question -- do you believe in this Bio-physio-energy (which the chinese gave it the name of 'chi' for reasons which I have explained elsewhere) -- would have been the same answer that Jesus Christ would have given if asked the question whether He believed in God, and the answer would have been No!

I cant quite see the comparision?

There are a lot of unexplained things on this planet.

One being because of the enviroment of certain forests in North America there are forest fires.
The cones from the trees only open during intense heat.
Survival of the trees dictates this.
How and where is the programming for such an event?
No one knows so it is just accepted.

I think the very belief that chi exists should bring about positive change.
I would like to ask a question.
How/ what method did the people train for years?