Hmm I wouldn't mind commenting on this thread, though I have to go a good ways back to the start to find the actual subject of the thread.

Subject #1: Chi - Maybe there is some force that we can learn to control to control our bodies, heal, or reduce damage to nothing. Or maybe it has to do with just some really talented people who have trained their butts off to be able to control various aspect of their bodies and minds far better then normal people. If someone wants to prove it scientifically, then go for it if someone's willing to fund it. Just because something hasn't been proven by science at this moment doesn't mean it's untrue or BS. Maybe the studies will show that the "feats" are nothing more then extreme body control, or maybe they'll show that it's something beyond the current scientific understanding.

Subject 2: Science - Our science is created by people doing tests and researching subjects. Through these tests, we get a better understanding of how things work. But, it can't be considered as the absolute truth. It's interesting when people cry for scientific evidence for this and that without really thinking about the nature of science. I'll be the first to say that I would hold most things proven through science to be fairly true in most cases, but don't forget that all science starts out as a hypothesis. Then it's subjected to tests and years, and if the results are similar then it's considered a theory. Then after time it becomes considered a law. A law is generally accepted as true. It is not considered absolute truth. Because science is obtained with our current technology and current understanding, many things change as those two factors grow. If you look at a diagram of an atom from early physics and compare it to what you would see in a modern day book, you'll notice a bit of a difference. What was once considered by most scientists to be what it looked like, is not the same now. So, is there a mystical force that people can control? Maybe, maybe not.. Can science prove it? Perhaps.. Though it's probably more possible that if such a thing exists our knowledge and technology would be insufficient to completely understand it. Maybe in a few hundred years, if we haven't destroyed the earth or died of heat stroke we'll know for sure. Until then, we'll just have to debate it back and forth. Just remember, that science isn't always gospel. I would bet that if we had the ability to go anywhere in this universe and study everything out there, we would find that all of our accumulated scientific knowledge is nothing more then a children's book if you compare it to reality.

In the end, all everyone is probably going to end up doing is arguing. It's a shame that there seems to be a majority of two camps. Those that believe what they see and hear completely and those that think it's a magic trick without even considering the possibility. It would be far better if the believers were a little more skeptical and the skeptics opened their minds a little bit more. Surely the middle ground is always the easiest place for everyone to meet without killing each other.


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