First of all, you do not get to dictate to me

Dictate =To issue orders or commands


This seems to be going around in circles.
If you want a discussion.

The word “If” gives you the choice of discussing the topic with me or not.
The topic is the experiment and what the poster wrote at the start of the thread.
The topic drifted I attempted to bring it back.

or anyone else what, how, or in what order we respond to you.

Which anyone else? There wasn’t anyone else. Either the comments had fileboy written above or were addressed to your response box. As I said I am willing to discuss the topic. Unwilling to discuss other things which have no relevance to the topic.

Who the @#$% do you think you are? This ain't no prison and I ain't your bitch, bitch.

This is where I think/suggest rather than finding fault with things like “chi” you should take up meditation and/or consider to start to believe in chi.

Your above statement might indicate you have very little self control.

Seems like you have had some bad experience.
That isn’t my business.

Please try to stay in control. I would suggest use your mind and Concentrate. Other people use a little chant .
I have thought up a chant. You might wish to share.
Chi exists
Ki exists
Chi exists
repeat Etc etc

Second, of all, if I tell you what I think, you will demand evidence. If I provide evidence, you will refuse to consider it on the ground I did not tell you what I think

I think it might be said you could realy benefit from meditation.
Might need to clear your mind.
If you post a link and ask me to consider it and I consider it nothing to do with the topic why are you getting confused?

So If you would like a discussion with me about the topic then fine.
If you choose to drift to far off topic I am not interested

Fileboy lighten up.
The world is a wondefull place even with chi, prisons and global warming.

That wasnt an order more of a suggestion