I agree that doing research is a good idea. However, in the case of magic tricks, magicians are careful NOT to make information about how they do tricks available. It is a special case.

But please: do you doubt for a moment that the Penn & Teller trick I described is, in fact, a trick?

Hi file boy.

Would you care to comment about the topic on the thread?

Slight deviation from the given topic by Jude to keep fileboy happy.

You say magicians are careful not to make information available.

File boy can I make a suggestion? Would you like to attempt to do some research? You agree doing research is a good idea?

Can I ask do you mean other people doing research is a good idea or do you mean that "You" yourself doing research might be a good idea?.

If it is the last part then I agree. It would be a good idea if you did some research so do you "think" there is a substance that if added to boiling water brings down the temperature, but the liquid still boils? Is so what would you call the substance?

I think Harry Houdini did the same trick with the bullet.
Care to work out how he did it? This might give a person some research skills.

Back to the topic.

Judes students thoughts.

It seems humans have lived through extreme cold in the distant past.
So it might be humans still have the genetic programming (not sure if that is the correct term) to
adapt to extreme cold. Thus the brown fat cells and even perhaps a form of none activity. The yoga’s in India have made claims to this activity.

Do humans still have this and the monks have re-activated it? By what means?

Jude will attempt to work it out.

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