Maybe mind exercises have some benefit? Like the ability to control one's inner-organs through the use of a relaxed and controlled focus. I have also heard of monks being able to massage and manipulate their organs like you can with your biceps, and why not the heart is nothing more than a muscle that can be controlled. I think these monks clearly prove that by lowering their heart rate and at the same time raising their body temperature.


My limited findings and best basic guess.

Firstly this type of extreme meditation is said to be done after some form of psychological and physiological preparation.

I am guessing that part of the physiological preperation is the gradual build up of brown fat in the body.

How this is done not sure yet

Here are the guesses

It might be done by the gradual exposure to the differnent levels of cold.

Could be done with food of some form

Exercise increases the thermogenic effect of brown fat.

(Thermogenesis means the creation of heat)

The release of norepinephrine that is the hormone released under stress.

This hormone activates an enzyme that splits the brown fat cell causing heat.

The bodies use of the hormone norepinephrine can be brought about by the mind ?

The use of the brown fat for heat would be on top of the normal process of the bodies normal heat production.

I guess that if the process of gradualy conditioning the body to the cold is true then the use of the mind again would be important in tolerating the cold and conditions.
Maybe a form of self hypnosis?

All the processes are energy.

Splitting of molocules?

One definition of chi = energy


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