"If I stated that then I think I would be looking for a
method that they use otherwise I wouldnt negate some ones statement, but that is your choice."

So, jude33, following your logic, since I do not know how Penn and Teller do the bullets-in-the-teeth trick, I should just believe it is a miracle or something?

Sorry to be blunt, but I am just not that stupid.


If you are following my logic then what I am aiming at is at least a person might consider doing some research as to how someone does something. Then it could be stated I dont believe it because [ put in the reason here ]

Nobody has said you are stupid and would you please lighten up. People can sometimes be wrong . Me included. I aint perfect. Some women might see me as being the opposite but
I presume that is normal when they want something. ( says Jude in a slightly dream state)

Anyhow I think the guy who started the thread has given a subtle hint about hijacking the thread so I think it is best we go back to the original topic.

Which I will do.

Need a bit of time first.