I addressed the ki-has-many-meanings arguement at some length. Perhaps you did not see it. Breifly, I said ki-believers only evoke this arguement when challenged by skeptics. When speaking amongst themselves, ki-believers use the word "ki" freely w/o ever specifying which definition they intend, yet somehow no confusion results. My suspicion: the so-called "silly New Age" definition of ki is THE definition of ki and the ki-has-many-meanings line is a just a smoke screen to throw off critics.

And I don't know how the trick with the boiling water was done. But I also don't know how world-famous stage magicians Penn & Teller perfrom a trick where they appear to shoot at each others heads and catch the incoming bullets in their teeth. What I do know--in both cases--is that it MUST be a trick, because such feats are not humanly possible.

If you want a short but thorough dissection of the global-warming-is-a-myth hoax, start here: