yeah, ok, 'just' a theory...so lets keep burning more of the earth and putting it in the air and see what happens. Then, when the 'theory' becomes a naked eye observable fact, we can attribute it to something else....just like how people develop skill and LATER they attribute it to using 'Chi'.

My thoughts.
Looks to me like there a lot of factors for global warming.
Reducing mans input might help but it seems they say the effects cant be reversed.
That I find hard to believe given the changes that the Earth is meant to have gone through because of natural occurences.
Maybe they mean short term.
It also seems as pointed out that because of the few's greed, mans input in certain countries isnt happening.
Or maybe they dont see it happening in their lifetime so it doesnt matter.
Good job people can be voted out unless they rig the postal votes as they are said to do in certain countries.

I love alleged corruption. Brings a new meaning to being mugged with a suitcase.