This is a case of one word having two totally different meanings--like the "mouse" that eats cheese versus the device that glides atop your mousepad.


Fileboy with all due respect why didint you apply this to the different definition's of chi which I proved instead of constant useage of "chi doesnt exist"?.

Can I ask why all of a sudden now do you choose to use it?

Chi= the name given to the vapour rising from a corpse.
Chi= the name of energy.


Clearly, you either honestly do not understand the difference or don't want to.

I got the same impression from what you were stating about chi.


Science is NOT a matter of what we choose to believe. Global warming is NOT a scam.

Global warming might not be a scam but the amount of money spent by people doing the research might be considered a scam. Please note I said "amount"

Do you have any idea what the cost was?

And given the findings of Earths History hasnt the Earth gone through the same process of warming up and cooling down?

How did they prove/dissprove this?

What do you think is the name of the processes that is said to occur app so many thousands of years that might cause the Earth to heat up or cool down ?

Why is this?

I am a mere student but might I ask do you know why it is this time they are saying the Earth is said to be getting warmer? A simple sentence might be all that is required.


How can you not believe in something like global warming, for which a mountain of objective evidence exists, yet be impressed by a boiling water stunt that any semi-talented stage magician can duplicate?

Would you care to explain how they duplicate this?

Would you care to explain fire walkers? How do they do it?

File boy with all due respect if a person is going to bring something down that someone states then to my mind please state why and not just use pure quotes from what everybody reads in the papers.

Is the Earth getting warmer because of the reason certain scientists are stating or is it because it has gone through this same proccess through its history according to certain strains of science?

I have asked number of questions. Students tend to do this.
If you do indeed teach please do me the honour of answering them.

The questions I have asked I have researched the answers.


I mentally massage my buttocks once a day to keep them firm and supple.

From what I can gather that is the Internal method of doing it.

Might I suggest you try to say train back squats with a good weigth for reps you would have the benefits of both internal and external training.
Might end up with better gluteus , maximus , medius , minimus , piriformis sacrum coccyx

If that is your end goal then go for it.

Just kidding.


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